How NSCS Helps an Undergraduate Student | A Chapter Advisor Explains


NSCS is an honors organization founded on the principles of scholarship, leadership, and service. While we are a nationwide community, our individual chapters give undergraduate students the chance to connect with other members on their campus, and it is through those connections that our students are able to thrive.

Undergraduate students are in a unique position. While attending classes and achieving academic excellence is certainly important, these students also need to learn leadership skills in order to excel once they enter the workforce. NSCS is proud to provide undergraduates with extra opportunities to lead, from the annual NSCS Leadership Summit to smaller, on-campus social gatherings. Our members repeatedly emerge as leaders on campus, and they continue as leaders as they begin professional school or enter the workforce.

Our students also learn valuable networking skills and have access to experienced mentors in a range of fields. By the time they graduate, they have a network to support them as they seek employment and launch their careers. This support sets our members apart and helps them land better positions in their fields of study.

At NSCS, we are not blind to the fact that college can be expensive. Each year, we award more than $500,000 in scholarships, awards, and chapter funds to high-achieving students. When students have the financial resources they need, they are better able to focus on academic development and performance.

Students often ask us whether joining an honors society like NSCS can be beneficial for students who are already enrolled in an honors college or honors program. We answer with a resounding “yes.” In the words of Kara Harwood, an NSCS Alumna and Honors Advisor, “it provides student a second opportunity to develop leadership that their honors college may not have enough space to provide to them, and it also allows them to expand into a whole different network.”

If you are an undergraduate student, or if you know an undergraduate student who is serious about excelling in their education and espousing the values of scholarship, leadership, and service, reach out. NSCS was built for students like you.

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