How to Get Honor Society Scholarships


One of the many benefits of joining an honors society, as a college student, is access to scholarships. Often, college honors societies like NSCS offer scholarships that are only available to members. Receiving one or more of these scholarships can help negate some of your tuition costs, making college more affordable. You’ll be thankful for the reduction when you pay your tuition, and again several years from now when you start paying back your student loans.

So, how do you go about applying for and winning honors society scholarships? Here are a few steps to follow.

1. Join an Honors Society

On most college campuses, there are several different honors societies with a presence. Research these various societies to figure out which one you’d prefer to join. Some things to consider include:

  • The cost of joining. Does the society charge a one-time membership fee, or do you have to pay dues on an ongoing basis? 
  • Eligibility requirements. Is the honors society open to students in your major, and with your GPA? Some societies, like NSCS, welcome students from all majors, while others are more restrictive.
  • Benefits. Scholarships are just one benefit of joining an honors society. Does the society also offer other benefits, like access to internships and mentors?

Once you find a society that you’re eligible to join, and that you feel serves your other needs as a student, send in your application.

2. Keep Your GPA Up

Regardless of which honors society you join, you likely have to maintain a certain GPA in order to be eligible for their scholarships. NSCS requires members to have a 3. GPA to be considered for scholarships. Other honors societies tend to have similar requirements. So, make sure you keep attending class, studying hard, and seeking additional help from tutors and teaching assistants as needed.

3. Search the Society’s Website

The best place to find out about specific honors society scholarships is typically on the society’s website. There should be a page where you can find a list of scholarships available to members, along with the qualifications for those scholarships. For example, NSCS provides information about scholarships on this scholarship page. When you find a scholarship you’re eligible to apply for, either bookmark it or add it to a spreadsheet. (Keeping a spreadsheet of scholarships is a great way to keep track of which ones you’ve discovered, applied for, and received.)

4. Consider The Groups You Belong To

Some honors society scholarships are open to all members and are awarded purely based on merit. Others are only available to students who belong to certain minority or under-represented groups. Check your society’s website to see if there are scholarships offered to groups you’re a part of. Or, reach out to one of your mentors within the society to learn more about such scholarships.

NSCS is proud to offer several scholarships to students in groups that have been historically marginalized and under-privileged. The Scholarship for Women in Business, sponsored by Geico, is one of these scholarships. We also offer the Scholarship for LGBTQ Students in Business, the Scholarship for Minority Students in STEM, and the LatinX Student of the Year Scholarship, among others.

Joining an honors society is a great way to access additional scholarships as an undergraduate student. However, once you’re a member, you’ll still need to dedicate a little time and effort to finding and applying for the right scholarships. Allow the steps above to guide you in this endeavor. Even a few small scholarships can go a long way towards funding your education.

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