How NSCS Helps Members With Internships


Did you know that students who participate in internships are more likely to find a job in their preferred field directly out of college? Many internships even lead straight into careers with the same company. The thing is, finding an internship is not always easy for college students. That’s something that NSCS membership can really help with.

How NSCS Helps Members Find Internships

NCSC works with an organization called Absolute Internship. This program helps connect NSCS members with companies in cities both here in the United States, and in foreign countries. Former NSCS members have found internships in London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and even Tokyo.

While some programs only offer internships in certain industries, the Absolute Internship program can connect students with opportunities in almost any industry. NSCS members have found internships in engineering, business, fashion, marketing, and more. Many of these exciting internships even include housing and discounts on tuition.

Some NSCS members have also held internship roles on political campaigns. This can be a great way for students to not only begin a career in political science, but also learn more about their local communities and the people within them. NSCS also looks for interns to work at their 11 locations, starting either in the spring or summer.

The Benefits of Internships for NSCS Members

We highly encourage all NSCS members to seek out and take advantage of the internships available to them. Here are a few key benefits of interning during your undergraduate years.

You Start Building a Network

Networking is essential in today’s work environment. The people you meet and get to know will open all sorts of doors for you throughout your career. They can also help you learn more about yourself and your passions, so you can decide what direction you want to head in. Interning is a great way to start building your network. You’ll meet business owners and high-level employees in your chosen industry.

You Learn Company Culture

The culture of the work world is, in many ways, different from the culture of the student world. Through an internship, you can start learning to embrace the company culture and function within it. This will make the transition into a career position easier once you graduate.

You Get to Explore Your Passions

College coursework is important, but it is often quite theoretical and general. You may only spend a few weeks of a class focusing on the topics you’re most passionate about. An internship gives you the opportunity to really focus on the ideas and subjects that matter most to you. Maybe you love robotics. You can find an internship in a robotics lab. Or perhaps you really love talking to people about politics. An internship with a political campaign might be perfect for you.

You Get a “Shoe In” With a Company

A significant percentage of students who intern are offered jobs with the company once they graduate. While it’s still wise to search for other jobs and consider other offers, interning at least gives you one more door to the future.  Through your internship, you may even meet the owners of other companies, which could lead to additional job offers or pathways.

Interning is a great way to round out your college experience and ease the transition from the student world to working life. As a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, finding an internship will be a lot easier. All members can read more about internships and apply for various internships through the NSCS website. Your future awaits!

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