How NSCS Can Help You Return to In-Person Socialization


During the COVID-19 pandemic, so many interactions took place online via chat or video call apps. This change was necessary for everyone’s safety at the time, but it did also have its downfalls. As a student, have you felt like the lack of in-person social interactions have made it difficult for you to connect with other students, faculty, and mentors? If so, you’re not alone.

Now, it is time to return to in-person socialization. It’s okay to feel a little apprehensive about this, and it’s okay to be unsure of how to move forward. We want you to know that NSCS is here to help. NSCS members have countless opportunities to enhance their social interaction and networking skills in a low-pressure environment. Here are a few of the key ways NSCS supports our members with these opportunities.


Building a network during college is essential to your future success in the workforce. Your network will help you find positions after graduation. Often, people in your network will serve as your references, help you suss out new job opportunities, and push you in new directions you were not formerly aware of. But networking is not something most people are born knowing how to do. Especially after all of the isolation we’ve faced over the past few years, it’s understandable that you’d need a little practice connecting with others and building your network.

NSCS offers numerous networking opportunities, both formal and informal. As you meet other members, alumni, and mentors, you’ll slowly gain confidence building these connections. These people will open doors for you, and your networking skills will also open doors for you as you move forward in your career.

Leadership Roles

Perhaps you’d like to be a stronger leader, but you need a space in which you can practice those leaderships skills in person. NSCS offers countless opportunities for members with your drive. Consider becoming a chapter leader. In this role, you can learn to represent and vouch for the other student members. You’ll practice solid decision making, learn to collaborate with others, and gain self-confidence as a leader.

Many NSCS members also hone their leadership skills through community volunteer projects. Our chapters work with various community organizations, such as the YMCA. Leading a team of students towards a common goal teaches you many skills you’ll eventually need as a manager or supervisor. Having this leadership experience as a recent graduate will allow you to rise through the ranks more quickly in the workplace.

Mentorship Programs

You can participate in mentorship in two ways through NSCS. The first is as a mentee. You can connect with an alumnus or community member who works in a similar field and is happy to give you feedback and guidance as you navigate college and your career. If you sometimes find yourself feeling alone or unsupported, as is common post-pandemic, finding the right mentor can be life-changing.

Then, later on, you can pay it forward by also serving as a mentor yourself. At NSCS, we love peer mentorship. Connecting with other, younger students not only gives you an opportunity to guide them, but also allows you to develop your social and interpersonal skills in a new and different way.

As the world continues to open up again, we all must return to socializing and interacting in person once again. Many of us could use a little extra help developing, strengthening, and redefining these skills. NSCS is here to help. We encourage you to learn more about our honors society and consider becoming a member.

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