How Can NSCS Membership Benefit Life After College?


At NSCS, we often hear from students who express how membership has transformed their student experience. Indeed, being a part of NSCS can make for a more well-rounded education. But the benefits of NSCS membership don’t end the day you graduate. The experiences you have as an NSCS member will continue to benefit you once you leave college and enter the working world. The following are some key ways NSCS can positively influence your life after graduation.

Work Opportunities

It’s not uncommon for students to struggle when searching for their first post-grad position. Some students are still not sure what field they want to enter. Others know what they want to do, but they have trouble getting their foot in the door. NSCS members are far less likely to run into these difficulties. We like to say that NSCS opens doors – and in more ways than one.

As an NSCS member, you’ll have opportunities to meet experienced professionals and recent graduates in your field. You can network with these people, which often results in job opportunities after graduation. Some NSCS students land internships that later turn into full-time positions. Others meet mentors who connect them with leaders at a local company they’ve always dreamed of working for.

NSCS membership also gives you a chance to identify your strengths and work on your weaknesses. As a result, members emerge with a better idea of how they excel in the workplace and what positions might be right for them. This can be invaluable as you start to look for your first career job.


We encourage NSCS members to find mentors within our community, and to lean on those mentors as they navigate college. But your mentor-mentee relationship does not have to end when you graduate. Many members stay in contact with their mentors for the rest of their lives. It’s comforting to know that you always have someone in your corner who you can reach out to for professional advice as you transition out of student life.

Mentors can help review your resume and cover letters. They can help you choose between multiple job opportunities. They can run through practice interviews and talk you through big career moves. Everyone deserves a good mentor in their life, and NSCS can help you find yours.

Community Mindset

One of the three pillars of NSCS is “service.” Our members are involved in projects throughout the community, and we find this helps them develop and maintain a community-oriented mindset. This mindset follows them throughout the rest of their lives, and it is of great benefit.

Human beings are social creatures, and when they become more involved in the world around them, they thrive. NSCS members graduate with connections to their local community, and also with the skills for form additional connections. As leaders, many of our members volunteer for community organizations, help organize charity fundraisers, and become involved in local government.

Graduates who are involved in their communities help improve their communities – for themselves, for their families, and for others. This community involvement may also help recent graduates form connections that lead to better employment. For instance, you might meet your future employer while volunteering at a local charity run.

NSCS membership certainly enhances the college experience, but it also enhances life after college. As a member, you’ll focus on scholarshipleadership, and service. These three versatile pillars will continue to serve you well as you search for a job, develop your career, and remain a passionate member of your local community. If you’re not yet a member, we hope you join us.

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