Federal Employee Pay Upgrade Benefit for NSCS Membership


The U.S. Federal Government’s Office of Personnel Management confirms that members of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars may qualify for a Federal Employee Pay Upgrade through a GS Level Upgrade under the Superior Academic Achievement qualification. Federal employees have the opportunity to receive a pay upgrade through election to membership in a national scholastic honor society, as outlined in the General Schedule Qualifications Policies (Section 4. f. 3.).

In addition to meeting class standing and grade point average requirements, membership in a collegiate honor society may qualify federal employees for a higher GS level and subsequent increase in pay. It is important for federal employees to consider these provisions when evaluating their career advancement opportunities. As a Federal Employee Pay Upgrade applicant, it is imperative to meet the rigorous eligibility criteria set forth by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS).

It should be noted that membership in a collegiate honor society that meets these minimum requirements will be considered eligible for the upgrade. As an esteemed member of ACHS, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) meets these requirements and our members are qualified for the Federal Employee Pay Upgrade.

Rest assured that joining NSCS is an investment in your future and will provide you with a competitive edge in your career trajectory. As an authoritative reminder, the Federal Employee Pay Upgrade benefit is exclusively governed by federal policy and not within NSCS’s purview. This benefit applies solely to members of NSCS who can sufficiently demonstrate their membership. The determination of GS level and step increases ultimately rests with the federal employer or prospective employer. For any inquiries regarding this policy, we urge you to consult with the human resources department within your agency of employment.

Federal Employee Pay Upgrade is a matter of utmost importance for all federal employees. To be eligible for this upgrade, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the General Schedule Qualification Policies. And in order to achieve Collegiate Honor Society recognition, it is essential that these policies are followed meticulously. Therefore, we encourage all federal employees to thoroughly review and comply with these policies in order to secure their rightful pay upgrade and attain the esteemed recognition of NSCS membership.

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