Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University (TTU) NSCS chapter is a group of students that embody the spirit of commitment to scholarship, leadership and service, built upon a foundation of integrity. Getting involved with your honor society local chapter is an exceptional way for members to foster relationships with fellow students who share your passion for scholarly excellence. More importantly, it provides a solid foundation on which to develop and refine leadership skills and community service experience.

Each year, the TTU NSCS honor society chapter conducts a formal New Member Induction Ceremony to welcome and celebrate new members and to honor outstanding academic performance. The Induction Ceremony also recognizes outstanding members of the community as Distinguished Honorary Members and is attended by family and friends to recognize and support loved one’s achievements.

To learn more visit the TTU NSCS Chapter Activities Facebook page.

Campus Contacts:


Chapter Operations Manager: Holly Barclay, barclay@nscs.org

Chapter Advisor: Ms. Wendoli Flores

Chapter Officers:
Britney Juarez – Secretary
Sabrina Wilson – Chapter President
Michael Delgado – Executive Vice President
Isabella Allen – VP, Public Relations + Recruitment
Elys Enriquez – Star Status Coordinator