Ambassador Chat Files: What is Included in an NSCS Membership?


Before you join any organization, it’s a good idea to verify what’s included in your membership. So, we’re not at all surprised when students want to know more about what NSCS membership involves. Prospective members often ask some version of the question, “what’s included in NSCS membership?” or “what will NSCS membership do for me?” 

Over the years, our ambassadors have had some pretty amazing responses to this question. So, in this article, we thought we would share and discuss parts of those responses to give prospective members a little more clarity as to what NSCS membership actually includes.

Scholarships and Awards

The costs of attending college can accumulate quickly. It’s always a good idea to be cognizant of when you’re spending, and to avoid taking on too much student debt. NSCS membership can help with that, since NSCS members get access to various exclusive scholarships and rewards. One of our ambassadors phrased it like this:

As an NSCS member, you have access to annual scholarships,  awards, discounts on car insurance, community service opportunities, and more.

These discounts and awards can add up over time. In addition to offering exclusive scholarships for members, NSCS also helps students find other, outside scholarships. If you are looking for ways to keep school affordable, NSCS membership can be a big help.

Leadership Opportunities

So many college students excel in their classes, but they discover that they have a harder time building the leadership and personal interaction skills they will need in the work world. One benefit that is included in NSCS membership is leadership opportunities. Many of our members feel that these opportunities are the thing that sets them apart and makes their college experience more complete.

One of our ambassadors stated, 

If it weren’t for NSCS, I would not have gained the confidence to become a student leader and step out of  my comfort zone!

We’d also like to point out how personalized these opportunities can be. Some students gain leadership experience by taking on an organizational role in their local chapter. Others work as interns for political campaigns. Still others organize community service events. As one ambassador, who now works for NSCA, put it:

Now, each  member/officer/staff representative all have different stories of how NSCS benefited them, but that was mine!

Networking Opportunities 

Have you ever heard the statement, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” This is very true in the work world — especially in business, finance, and marketing fields. Graduating from college with a strong network can make all the difference in ensuring you have an excellent career with plenty of growth opportunities. NSCS makes that possible, because one thing that is included in your membership is access to networking events.

One ambassador described these opportunities as follows:

Your university’s chapter of NSCS also holds meetings where you will have the opportunity to meet  other hardworking students like yourself, and even hold a leadership position if you choose. It is a great resume booster for jobs and grad school.

This ambassador brings up another good point. Some of our members do not directly enter the workforce after college. Instead, they continue on to graduate school. The networking and leadership opportunities included in NSCS membership can also make them more competitive candidates for graduate and professional school.

What’s included in NSCS membership? A whole lot! From scholarship opportunities to networking events, we offer all sorts of benefits for students and allow each member to tailor their own NSCS experience to their unique needs. If you have any lingering questions, our ambassadors are happy to tell you more.

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