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Attend your New Member Induction Ceremony!

New Members: Click here to learn more about your New Member Induction Ceremony. 

Scholar of the Week

Congratulations to Regan Fitzgerald, our Scholar of the Week from The University of Arizona! Learn more about Regan here.


Scholars on the Map

Thinking of studying abroad? Check out this interactive map and see where other NSCS members have studied around the world. View Map >

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 NLC!

NSCS has announced  2016-2017 members of the National Leadership Council. Learn more here.

Our NSCS Chapter is starting the year off right! Volunteering to beautify the city of Tampa.
Partner of the Week

Scholars, a GEICO quote with NSCS isn't just savings for you. For every unique quote, GEICO will donate funds for NSCS scholarships and programs. Start today to help yourself & all scholars. Get a quote here.