Ask an NSCS member what the organization has done for them, and you’ll get a range of answers. Some students will tell you how NSCS scholarships have allowed them to graduate with less debt. Others will tell you about internship opportunities that made them more competitive in the job market.

All of these experiences are genuine, and hearing about them can help prospective members make an informed decision as to whether NSCS membership is right for them. However, it’s also nice to hear from someone other than student members. You may be wondering — what do student advisors have to say about NSCS membership? We talked with a few student advisors at various colleges and universities to find out what they think about NSCS and its benefits for students.

One advisor we spoke with was Kara Horwood. Kara works as an Honors Academic Advisor at Hillsboro Community College. She is also an NSCS alum herself, which gives her a really informed perspective. Kara expressed the following:

“As the honors advisor on campus, I often get asked whether or not being in NSCS or other honors societies are important or necessary. I think they are, just because it provides a second opportunity for students to develop leadership that their honors college may not have enough space to provide to them.”

Kara makes a really good point when she notes that even honors programs and colleges have their limits. These programs tend to offer a lot of academic opportunities for students, but many programs simply don’t have the resources and space to offer a diverse selection of internships, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities for students across many different majors. NSCS can help fill in the gaps and provide additional opportunities for high-achieving students who want a more well-rounded experience than their college, alone, can offer.

Kara went on to point out,

“It also lets them expand into a whole different network.”

We think this is a benefit that deserves more attention than it often receives. Networking is so important for college students. The right connections can help a student find internships and entry level positions that give them the basis for a successful career. Students don’t often make these connections simply by going to class and completing coursework. NSCS provides lots of opportunities for networking, not only with fellow students, but also with professionals in a student’s future field.

Another professional we spoke with was Toni Avant, the Director of the Careers Services Center at University of Mississippi. Toni has more than 20 years’ experience in the field, and she had the following to say about the benefits of NSCS membership:

“NSCS allows students the opportunity to build on essential skills that prepare them for graduate or professional school or for full-time employment after graduation.”

We really have to agree with Toni here! The Three Pillars of NSCS are scholarship, leadership, and service. All three of these pillars also happen to be quite important for anyone entering the workforce. We help our students prepare academically through scholarships. We help them develop leadership skills through participation and involvement with local chapters. And our chapters organize service projects with groups like the YMCA to give back to the community.

Students who graduate with scholarship, leadership, and service experience are better poised for success in graduate school or in a full-time career. 

In summary, it seems that advisors agree. NSCS membership has a wide range of benefits for students and goes a long way towards helping them prepare for future careers. We’re proud of our well-rounded members and the work that they do to succeed.