NSCS Scholarships 

Scholar Abroad Fall Scholarship


Offers scholarship funding to help expand our members’ international and cultural knowledge. Two (2) $2,500 scholarships are awarded to members studying abroad during the fall term.

Scholarship Closes:  7/5/2018


Active Minds Mental Health Advocate Award


In partnership with Active Minds, NSCS will award (1) $2,750 scholarship to an NSCS member this summer. Active Minds is the nation’s premiere nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students. NSCS and Active Minds encourages our applicants to promote mental wellness, combat mental health stigma, and organize mental health programs and advocacy efforts on their campus.

Scholarship Closes:  7/31/2018


Summer Scholar Award

Opening 2018-2019

The classroom is not your ideal summer destination, but enrolling in summer classes can help you get ahead academically and financially.  NSCS is offering the Summer Scholar Award to assist students with tuition expenses.  One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded for summer 2018.


Class of 2018 Senior Award

Opening 2018-2019

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars created the Class of 2018 Senior Award to congratulate and recognize graduating seniors for their contribution to NSCS. Graduation marks the end of their NSCS membership on campus. However, it also reminds the graduating seniors of the on-going networks and opportunities that NSCS provides as a lifetime member.

NSCS will award (15) $1,000 professional development awards to graduating seniors.


Summer Internship Award

Opening 2018- 2019

In today’s competitive world, an internship is a requirement to secure jobs at the best companies.  NSCS will be awarding a $2,500 scholarship to an NSCS member who has secured an internship for the summer of 2018.   The award will help to offset expenses incurred during the internship.

NSCS-Absolute Internship Scholarship

Opening 2018- 2019

Absolute Internship is an exclusive partner to The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and an award-winning organization that helps place college students with great internship opportunities in exciting cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Shanghai and Singapore. You can choose to intern in Business, Engineering, Fashion, Marketing, Non-Profits, Public Relations or any other industry. Absolute Internship has connections with over 600 companies around the world. As part of the program you’re not only guaranteed an internship, but you live with other college students from all around the world and benefit from housing, visa processing, transport and other fun things while you’re building your resume and seeing the world!

Absolute Internship is offering one NSCS member a $1,500 scholarship to be used for Summer 2018.   Click here to apply and make sure to use the promo code NSCS to be considered for the scholarship.

NSCS-Hult Scholarship

Alumni Eligible

As an NSCS member, we recognize that you’re the type of person who strives to continuously improve and excel in your career.  For this reason, we want to make sure you’re aware of the exclusive NSCS-Hult Scholarship of $5,000available just for NSCS members.

Hult is known as the global business school for the next generation of leaders.  Their Global One-Year MBA & Masters degree programs allow students to study at up to 3 of their campuses across the globe during the accelerated, one-year graduate program.

The deadline to apply for this round of the NSCS-Hult Scholarship is Sunday, July 2nd.  If you complete your application by the July deadline, you’ll be considered for the scholarship upon acceptance to the program.  One recipient will be chosen per deadline, so it is in your best interest to apply early to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.  The scholarship is only available for Hult graduate (Masters & MBA) programs.

Click the apply button below to login to the member portal for more information.

Scholarship Closes: 07/2/2018


Scholar Abroad Spring Scholarship

Opening Soon

Studying abroad has become more than just a way to learn a language. Modern studies suggest college students need more international and cultural knowledge to successfully adapt to society post-college: having an international background is an important tool socially, professionally and educationally. NSCS offers scholarship funding to help expand our members’ horizons.

Two (2) $2,500 scholarships are awarded to members studying abroad during the spring semester or summer.

The Brandon Huseman Legacy Award for Founding Officers


NSCS is proud to announce the Brandon Huseman Legacy Award for Founding Officers. NSCS will award (2) $2,500 scholarships to founding officers who through hard work, dedication and service have furthered the NSCS mission by starting a chapter at his or her school.

Brandon Huseman embodied everything we strive for at NSCS. He served as an active member of the Purdue University chapter, the National Leadership Council and his community while working very hard to pursue his engineering degree. Brandon left a legacy of service and achievement which motivates us all to do the same as NSCS members.

Scholarship Closes:  7/30/2018


Princeton Review Scholarships

Open - Ongoing

NSCS has partnered with The Princeton Review to offer NSCS members exclusive course scholarships.

George Washington University and NSCS Transfer Scholarship


George Washington University has partnered with NSCS to provide $20,000 over two years to outstanding community college members who transfer from an NSCS community college to GWU. Members must be accepted and enrolled for fall 2018. Some specific degree programs may not be eligible for this scholarship.

For more info: email

Debt Reduction Award (Formerly NerdWallet PayDown Your Debt Award)

Opening 2018-2019

With two-thirds of college seniors graduating with student loan debt, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is proud to​ provide (4) $2,500 awards to recent NSCS graduates and alumni who are carrying on the mission of the organization!



NSCS New Member Award


Each year NSCS awards (50) $1,000 scholarships to outstanding new members across the country to help defray the cost of tuition expenses.

Scholarship Closes:  8/2/2018



Opening 2018-2019

NSCS has partnered with GEICO to award $25,000 in scholarships to talented, motivated NSCS members.


GEICO Graduate Award

Opening 2018- 2019
Alumni Eligible

In partnership with GEICO, NSCS will be awarding five (5) $5,000 Graduate School Scholarships to deserving, talented, and motivated NSCS members who have been accepted into a graduate program or are already in a graduate studies program. Graduate studies include programs awarding masters, doctoral and professional level degrees pursued after completing an undergraduate program.

Board of Directors Award

Opening in 2018- 2019 

The NSCS Board of Directors has created and funded the Board of Directors Award to recognize outstanding NSCS members who have distinguished themselves through involvement, enthusiasm and support for NSCS.

Community College Transition Award

Opening 2018-2019

NSCS awards $10,000 in scholarships to outstanding community college students who are transferring into a 4-year institution.


Semester at Sea Fall Award

Opening 2018-2019

NSCS offers $35,000 in scholarships for students who take the fall voyage aboard Semester at Sea.


The NSCS Award for Education Excellence

Opening 2018-2019

NSCS will award $5,000 in scholarships to members who are education majors and/or are involved in mentoring youth.


First in the Family Scholarship

Opening 2018- 2019

NSCS is committed to supporting you on your journey to be the first in your family to complete your college degree.

Through the First in the Family Scholarship, NSCS will award outstanding First-Generation students with $5,000 scholarships to help with tuition needs.

The Amy Shopkorn Student Affairs Award

Opening 2018-2019
Alumni Eligible

The student experience on-campus is essential to the success and impact of the overall collegiate experience at an institution. The Amy Shopkorn Student Affairs Award was created in honor of NSCS former employee Amy Shopkorn.

Amy has created a positive impact on campus life as a collegian and in her professional career; to honor her dedication and passion for higher education NSCS will grant five (5) $1,000 awards to NSCS members who are planning to/or currently pursuing a graduate degree in student affairs.


NLC Award

Opening 2018- 2019

The National Leadership Council (NLC) is a NSCS student advisory board comprised of NSCS members who are chosen based on their dedication, service, and commitment to NSCS. Leadership, academic excellence, and community involvement are other strong traits that each NLC member must exhibit and continue to demonstrate throughout their term.

Each year, the NLC creates a scholarship to honor members who share that same commitment and passion. One $2,000 scholarship and one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded.  Both traditional essay submissions and creative video submissions such as: video narrated PowerPoint, or photo essay formats will be accepted.

Jim Duncan Award for Perseverance

Opening 2018-2019

A scholarship for a member who has triumphed over adversity, this award is in recognition of James C. Duncan, an NSCS member and former employee.


E-Scholar Award

Opening 2018- 2019

Each year, NSCS awards two $2,000 scholarships to outstanding NSCS members who attend one of our online universities. Applicants are selected based on how they show commitment and passion to leadership, academic excellence and community involvement.


Induction Recognition Award-Spring

Opening 2018-2019

In our continuous commitment to reward students who exemplify leadership and excellence through their academic achievement, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is proud to offer the Induction Recognition Award for new NSCS members who are planning to be active participants in their chapters.

Students will answer questions describing how their NSCS chapter can be more effective on campus, and help contribute to the college experience of NSCS members.

You must attend your Induction Ceremony to be eligible to apply for this award.


Inspire Integrity Award

Opening 2018- 2019

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars’ Inspire Integrity Awards are the only national student-nominated faculty and administration awards program. These awards are presented to full-time university faculty and administration who have, through their lessons and actions, made a significant impact on the lives of their students and instilled a high degree of personal and academic integrity. If your nominee is selected, you will receive a scholarship as well.

Make a difference on your campus by nominating a faculty or administration member who has inspired integrity in you and your classmates!

Semester at Sea Spring Award

Opening 2018- 2019

For over 50 years, the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) has offered students a unique view of the world aboard a floating university. This is a once in a lifetime educational opportunity where you will develop an appreciation of cultural diversity. NSCS is proud to partner with ISE to offer $60,000 in scholarships throughout the year.

For the Spring Semester Voyage, two NSCS members will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship and three NSCS members will be awarded a $5,000 towards their Semester at Sea tuition.

Scholarship Eligibility
- Must be an NSCS Member
- Must plan to participate in the Spring Semester at Sea voyage

Engaging Race Award

Opening Soon

A great idea can come from anyone. But do you have what it takes to make your idea happen? Are you ready for some friendly competition? Apply for The Engaging Race!

NSCS members can compete for scholarships to help make a difference through their own original service initiative. NSCS will select the top five applicants to fund their initiatives. Here’s your chance to compete and prove your idea is better than the rest! If your idea is selected, you will receive $1,000 scholarship and another $1,000 in funding to take your service initiative to the next level!


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